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The Yugos can be very good shooters. I have had several that, with the right loads, would do better than you'd ever expect (and rival any "modern" rifle except custom-built ones). Glass bed them, relieve places of barrel contact with the inside of the hand guard and in some cases, the bayonet lug....and they will often do 2" or smaller groups at 100 yards, with IRON sights.

My current M48, a "carbine" (17.5" barrel) I built using a cut-down 1930's era walnut stock and pristine spare military barrel, will put them all into one ragged hole about 3/4" in diameter at 100 yds, with a 4x scope and a load I developed for the rifle.

That and the fact that they are dead-nuts reliable and tough as a tank....caused me to decide long ago that I'd rather have a re-worked Yugo Mauser than ANY "modern" sporter, or any other rifle for that matter.
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