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I tried Frog Lube because of the claim that it dried after application, which helps to cut down on how much "crud" that it attracts. That said, it does feel a little "gummy" until the gun heats up from the first few rounds down range. After using it for some time now, I have noticed that my Glock 19 is not developing some of the common wear marks that typically occur from use on Glocks. Most notably, the "smile" over the top of the barrel. I have roughly two thousand rounds through my Glock, and the top of the barrel looks like new, which makes me think that the lube is really working.

Also, and this is to be taken for what its worth, there is a tactical weapons rep that I know who gets to play with full auto, and suppressed weapons through his business. His crew ran out of their preferred lubricant before a demo at some point, and tried some Frog Lube because that was what was available. They were so impressed with the performance, that they switched lubricants on all their weapons. He claims that nothing he has ever tried stands up to the abuse that Frog Lube will.

Lastly, when I called Sig Sauer to ask what lubricant they wanted in my brand new 716 patrol rifle, their tech support rep answered, "TW25B, or Frog Lube. Those are the only two lubricants that we recommend."

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