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A while back my girlfriend's niece, a young woman in her 20's asked me to show her some handguns. Aside from what she saw on television and the movies, she had no exposure whatsoever to firearms. I started showing her revolvers. She immediately said in the tone of a world-weary expert, "For me I have to have more than six." I had nothing that interested her. My collection lacked a single high capacity polymer 9mm Even my semi-autos were only single stack Browning patents.

The world has changed and left me behind. My father bought a Colt Single-Action which I still have on the day I was born. I never used a double-action Smith until my late teens, and in my early 20's, I bought a copy of Cooper on handguns. Despite the assurances of a number of WWII veterans who I grew up around that the 1911 was worthless, I knew instinctively that the man who wrote that book had something to teach me.

So yes, if there are more revolvers around, and I don't know that to be true, they are older ones. Young people today want black semi-autos.
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