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Wallet Wounded in Caliber War

So I was happy with my Glock 23 (defense), Ruger .45 Colt (woods), and my shiny new M&P 9 (wife will shoot it). Shoot all hand loads in the .45, but only occasionally load some .40 practice rounds. Then, my curiosity is piqued by a long TFL debate over .357 Sig. OK, a few clicks and Lone Wolf sends me a .357 Sig barrel. Found some ammo on the shelf, but yike$. Better get some dies, OK 9 mm too. Might as well see what I can do with these "combatants", but even dies are backordered now. Looking for powder, brass, bullets. Now, the whole point of the Sig round is to match the .357 Mag 125 load out of a 4" revolver, and I didn't have one. Solved by the nice retired fellow behind the counter at Olde English who sold me a GP-100. My credit card is curling up, and I'm on yet another load and test campaign with four calibers to feed. Who says caliber wars are harmless fun!
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