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I wonder how the added but not measured length of a revolvers cylinder affects these fps reading. A pistol is unvented but measured from rear of chamber to barrel tip. A revolver is measured as barrel only no cylinder .

I started hunting with a 357 back in 1976 . I tried lots of loads thru my DW revolvers over the years and always felt the 357 was top dog for a defensive cartridge . I can tighten the cylinder gap up to almost nothing and tend to hunt with a 1ths gap . Even then getting a match weight bullet to surpass 1300fps from even a 4" barrel is pushing a 357.

Then I tested some underwood 40sw 155gr xtp loads that average 1300fps from a 4" kahr pistol. This ammo has changed my view on the 40cal. I have a friend that has a 3" cm40 and I need to check his to see how hot that same ammo performs is in his pistol.
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