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This is why target pistols have trigger stops.
Target pistols as in Olympic handgun competitons...where every advantage that is legal is used and nothing that is not an advantage would be added.

In the early eighties, some gun rag printed a "How-to", article on how to put a trigger stop in Ruger .22 pistols. I did both mine and my brother's. The control it gave, the difference was obvious. If I had a Ruger .22 auto today, I would make that modification again without hesitation. I like very light triggers and the trigger stop made them feel like the triggers were a couple of pounds lighter and made the Ruger's feel like they had a high-quality target trigger installed...not just when dry-firing, but when actually shooting them.
Trigger stops may not have a logical mechanical reason for increasing accuracy of shooting, but pragmatically they are an advantage.

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