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As I stated before, I've ran some 158 gr. lead swc out of a 2 inch Rhino at 1100 fps. That particular load was 13.7 gr of 2400 for an average of 1112 fps.

This is what I came up with for the 40. I'll try to simplify this.
Load A-175 gr cast w/ 5.3 gr unique
B-175 gr cast w/ 5.7 gr unique
C-155 gr Hornady xtp w/ 5.7 gr unique
D-155 gr Hornady xtp w/ 6.1 gr unique
E-175 gr cast w/ 6.1 gr unique- warning- this load is over max

The guns I used
A-taurus 405
B-S&W 310 NG
C-walther PPS
D-tanfoglio TZ-41B

Load A-
gun A- 936 fps
gun B- 865
gun C- 860
gun D- 941

Load B-
gun A- 960
gun B- 876
gun C- 908
gun D- 1075

Load C-
gun C-879
gun D-926

Load D-
gun C- 902
gun D- 959

Load E-
gun B- 898

You can draw your own conclusions as to how the snubby 357 and a 3 1/2 inch barreled 40 compare. Personally, I like the 40. It's what I normally carry. I like load B in gun C. But I also think the 357 it's own thing, even out of a two inch barrel.
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