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Search through the post here and on Castboolits for tips on pouring those 9's.
Your probably going to want to find you some clip on wheel weights to use for alloy on the 9mm's as they tend to run at a bit higher pressure and will lead up using the softer lead.

Also read through this one as plenty was added into ti as well,
New To Casting

Make you up a list of stuff and shop it out at garage sales and such for pans and spoons and such.

Get you a lead thermometer, and hot plate, they will become your friends.

If you are just getting into it like you say, the Lee 2 cavity molds are hard to beat for price. Plenty easy to beat on quality, but they still pour good bullets. The key is temp control, and running a clean mold. There is plenty on them over on Castboolits to get you pouring good bullet quickly. They don't necessarily need to be smoked as they say in the instructions, they simply need to be cleaned well using something like Comet or similar cleaner and a tooth brush with plenty of hot water. It also might take you several times of heating them up and allowing them to cool to get the oil out of the pores of the metal. Once done though they will drop clean nice bullets as long as they are up to temp when you start.

Hope this helps.
Mike / TX
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