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cheapo 9mm mould HP

been coolecting wheelweights for a couple weeks now, also my fiance is a hygenist, she bagged me about 50+ pounds of the xray lead foils. i prbably have about 120 pounds of lead to cast. i am a cast virgin, i am doing 9mm and possibly .310(but that will be later). please direct me to the cheapest but decent quality 4 cavity or more mould for 9mm, i would like to do hollow point. i dont really wanna drop a bunch of dough on it, cuz i'm not sure if this will be something i stick with. i buy good lead locally for 60$ per thousand, so if this ends up being more work than its worth, i'll probably not always do it unless supply is dried up or something. so i need a mold, i have the bottom pour coming, and any other advice that i will wish i had in hindsight. thanks guys......and possibly gals.
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