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fiber cushion

I found a model 11 recently made in 1935 and before I bought it, I researched the model 11 on the internet and the only caution I found was one to alert me to issues about the bolt, fiber recoil cushion! so as soon as I got it home I did a complete tear-down and low-and-behold; the fiber cushion was completely GONE! AND-there was a hole where the factory rivet used to be. So I bought a new fiber cushion and used the hole to put a steel pull-rivet with a small steel washer and will soon see if it holds up to being fired!

Over all the gun is in 98% since I re-finished the wood with about 10 coats of clear polly to preserve the well beaten "patina" of the old wood.

All-in-all I'm in love with it. I might part with it for a 12 guage over-under if it looks right... :-)
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