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2 excellent choices. Some of you may not know this, but Ruger made a noticeable improvement to their triggers with the introduction of the SR9c. They made changes across the board with all SR's after the release of the SR9c. These pistols also have the "D" shaped mag. release.

Right after the SR9 was introduced I checked one out at the local gunshop. Its trigger was unimpressive to say the least so I dismissed it from further consideration. In March of this year I sent Ruger a used P-89 for repair. They informed me that they no longer service the P-Series and offered me an SR9 at less than wholesale as a replacement so I jumped on it. Previously I had felt that the XDm was the best of all poly-framed pistols. 915A hit the nail on the head because the SR triggers improve considerably during break-in. I estimate that at about 300 rounds fired. I was so pleased with the SR9's design and manufacture that a month after getting it I sold my XDm 4.5 in .45 ACP and bought an SR45. At one point I had even installed a Ghost "Ultimate" trigger reset bar in the SR9, but after about 300 rounds fired, I took it out and reinstalled the factory part and now my SR45 is breaking in much like the SR9 did. Both pistols are very accurate.

These pistols are easily the best that Ruger has ever made. Some of you may have seen me saying that I believe the Rugers are the best poly-frame pistols available today with the best "combat" trigger of all of them once they're broke in. Naturally, that's met with a lot of skepticism, but for me, there are none that I would consider over the SR9/40/45 and that's not even considering what a great value they are. While being built stronger than most, they're the slimmest double-stacks you can buy. I can easily carry the SR9 that's no larger overall than a G19 while being a good deal slimmer with 17 vs. 15 rounds in the mag. My shooting partner who's been carrying concealed for 20 years with pistols like the SIG/Sauer P-228 & 239, the Glock 19 and 26 says the SR9c is the best he's ever carried. He also carries a Dan Wesson CBob at times, so the manual safety on the SR9c is a non issue for him. I'm already shooting the SR45 better than I did the XDm and some of the accuracy reports I've read have been nothing less than stellar, even with generic ammo like the Federal American Eagle and Winchester "Whitebox" loads. Ruger hit it out of the park with these pistols, especially those that have been made after the SR9c was introduced.
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