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More holes are better than fewer holes.

Larger holes are better than smaller holes.

Holes in the right places are better than holes in the wrong places.

Holes that are deep enough are better than holes that aren't.

There are no magic bullets.
I quoted the above, because of consistency. When we spend enough time looking at this stuff, it is inevitable that we'll run across people who bash Ellifritz, or Marshall & Sanow, or Doc Roberts, or Fackler, etc. People will point out flawed methodology, insufficient sample size, or any other thing to discredit a particular "expert" whose views they disagree with. You'll hear terms like "gelatin junkie", and run into the "lab science vs street science" debate.

When you step back from all of that, and look for commonality between people with extensive street experience, scientists, enthusiasts, etc, the above points are almost unanimously present. We may agree or disagree on other specifics, but it should be accepted that the statements above are all true.
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