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I must not be explaining myself very well

I'm talking about the poisonous, carcinogenic compounds in the petro-based solvents. When you know someone who has died in his early 30's from exposure in the garage environment, you want to take the safer option

My point is that whilst i'm all happy go go playing with petrol/brake cleaner/bore solvent/etc and have the smell around me, it's really bad for me, *really* bad.

I'm trying to be sensible, we now have the options out there in the water based and "non-toxic" based cleaners, you will have to go and look up the term 'non-toxic' if you don't like it and see what that means to the manufacturing industry.

I especially like the findings from this 2006 Precision Shooting article:
Very helpful, but also very enlightening from the standpoint of how effective is the old technology we thought was working fine.

Since that article was written, Boretech seem to have come out with a specifically targeted copper remover, Cu+2, which differs from Eliminator in that it is stronger on copper and doesn't really attack the carbon.

Anyway, i'm just wanting to choose the newer, more high tech options which are proven to work better than the older formulas that some people stick to for various reasons, including that they believe they're still as effective (now dis-proven)

All of which helps me, cleaner and better protected guns as well as the ability to do gun cleaning in my office without the need for ventilation!
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