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A New .22 Lead Chucker.

So I have dabbled with higher end air guns for quite a while. No PCP stuff but CO2 / Single stroke pneumatics / spring guns etc. I have always wanted to try a Beeman P1 or HW45 but never could find one to try / handle and they are a fairly high end gun commanding a pretty penny.

I recently sold some old coins I had and had a little bit of play money so I figured what the hell and ordered an HW45 in .22 to give it a try. Why didn't I do this years ago? What a fantastic airgun. Accurate as all get out, great sights, feels great, 2 power settings, awesome trigger etc. As unwieldy as it looks in pictures with the strange proportions etc. in actual use it truly does feel damn near like shooting a 1911. Similar sight picture, weight etc. Being a spring gun in .22 it will exaggerate anything you do wrong with hold/trigger/follow through etc. so it is a great trainer. But all that training crap aside it is some of the most fun I have had shooting in a good long time. I even brought it to the powder burning range to shoot it side by side with my 1911 and a .22 semi auto and I had as much if not more fun with the HW45.

So if anybody wants an extremely well made, very accurate air pistol that feels like a powder burner thing give the P1/HW45 a look. No its not cheap but look at the bright side. Pellets are easy to find and you can shoot it in your back yard/garage in most places. Did I mention this thing is FUN!!! I have several air arms and this is by far my favorite.

Take care, shoot safe.

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