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My new pair of .45s

I was on the market for a new CCW and a full size pistol in .45. After looking at many guns, I decided on the Springfield XDs and the Ruger SR45.
I got the Springfield last weekend, and the SR45 today.

I shot 200 rounds through the XDs, and had 2 light strikes in the first 100 rounds. I was shooting WWB 230 gr fmj through it. The two light strikes looked as if the firing pin did not hit dead center on the primer. I have seen other reports of this online. I also shot 20 rounds of Barnes TacX 185gr +P jhp through it without issue.

I am going to shoot the SR45 sometime next week at the local range, and I will post a range report then. The SR45 felt great in my hand, and the trigger is much better than the earlier SR9 and SR40. I prefered the trigger and overall feel of the SR45 over the full size XD, the Glock 21SF, the Beretta PX4, and the S&W M&P .45s.

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