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I started using Magna-Port when they first came out and had it done to 3 guns by them. I worked in a tool & die at the time as I still do and after shooting with the guys I worked with we soon were porting are own guns with our EDM machine. We did our Ruger Blackhawks and TC Contenders and as Bob Wright had said earlier the felt recoil wasn't changed by much as the big talk of the time promised but muzzle rise was decreased. These were mostly heavy guns and the weight of the gun absorbed the recoil. Between me and my friends we lost interest in porting. About five years ago I discovered a company called Gemini Customs who were specializing in custom combat tuning of carry revolvers. I sent them a S&W 642 who's package included a action tune and a porting job that consisted of 3 large holes down the length of the barrel. I also had them polish the trigger bright to help ease with the double action only pull of the gun. This was the first ported gun that I have really notice any decrease in felt recoil and it was considerable. I was soon sweet talked out of it by my friends wife who has swooned me out of a few guns after getting them set up for defense shooting. I have not shot any of the smaller or light weight semis with porting but I am convinced that the lighter a gun gets the more the benefit maybe. Oh yeah that 642 was loud.
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