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I just got the Schmidt Rubin 96/11 recently. I bought 80 rounds of ammo in NH and found a company in Texas that is shipping surplus ammo to me in MA (Cabelas, Midway, Graf won't even ship new, empty brass). Rounds cost anywhere from $.50 - $.90 each. I plan on reloading. It's comparable to a Mosin Nagant (7.62x 54). Great gun.

They haven't made ammo for the Vetterli since approx. 1940. It's a rimfire that can be converted to center fire for a few bucks and a half hour's work. The brass has to be formed from .348 Winchester or 8mm Lebel. Lee sells the dies. I use a .44 mag bullet.
You can shoot BP (I do) or smokeless. It has a 13 round tubular mag. I highly recommend this rifle -great gun to shoot, very little recoil.
Vetterli - $250
Schmidt Rubin - $175
Yeah, Kittery Trading Post has just about anything you want. I bought a Springfield .50-70 and a Gallagher .54 (among many many other guns).
Here's a good site to search:
On the left, click on ACTION, then Muzzleload:handgun or Long gun (for BP guns)
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