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wow! to all Mucho Thanks! the load I got from Mr. Speers book is for 158 gr L-SWC, (Page 527 of the 13th Ed), good thing I started with the low end, for Cowboy Action Shooting the rd has to be 1000 FPS or less for pistol and 1400 or less FPS for Rifle.

Big Bunny: I tried them in a Rugar Blackhawk and a Rugar Vaquaro, extraction was easy, had one dud (I suspect that I missed the powder on that one), Primers looked ok as near as I can tell. the Bullet seemed to be seated ok, possible I put too much crimp on it. as for the Chrono, about 10-15 foot distance, lots of errors on the first 2 sets of 5, last set of 5 all came out in the mid 1200's, pistols had been cleaned. recoil was maybe a wee bit less than previous loads

Mr. Eatman: well, maybe I need to go with .38.. but I got a great deal on 1500 nickeled brass for .357 and my wife likes the way they look on her gun belt, something about "Hi Ho Silver AWAY!!!!!!!!!)

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