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Originally Posted by ClydeFrog
I say high KE rounds like the .357sig or .40S&W or 10mm have value because if you shoot at a human being the shock & impact of the entry wound be higher than a smaller, lower KE level round....
And exactly what evidence do you have to support that claim? It might be your opinion, but it doesn't mean anything unless you can back it up with evidence.

See post 9:
And further in In Defense of Self and Others... (pp. 95-96, emphasis in original):
Kinetic energy does not wound. Temporary cavity does not wound. The much-discussed "shock" of bullet impact is a fable....The critical element in wounding effectiveness is penetration. The bullet must pass through the large blood-bearing organs and be of sufficient diameter to promote rapid bleeding....Given durable and reliable penetration, the only way to increase bullet effectiveness is to increase the severity of the wound by increasing the size of the hole made by the bullet....
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