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KE level....

I've posted remarks in the past about how I think the KE or kinetic energy level of a handgun round is highly under-rated.
A fast, powerful round that feeds well & offers good marksmanship is what's ideal for a duty or protection round(caliber).

The .357sig is a great example. The caliber was R&Ded by SIG Sauer engineers to replicate the .357magnum JHP out of a 2.5" revolver barrel.
The KE level is higher than other defense loads; .380acp, 9x19mm, .40S&W, .38spl.
Some LE officers & armed citizens gripe about the muzzle blast & recoil but those can be addressed with proper training.
The little known .40Super caliber also had a high KE level & would have been a potent defense load but it never really caught on in the USA.
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