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I saw an xray of a man who had been shot with two 45 caliber bullets. The bullets were hollow point and they had expanded. One of the bullets penetrated a lung and the other bullet did not make it past the sternum. I'm not convinced by the results of ballistic gelatin tests.
Nor should you be convinced. Ballistics gel is not a human or animal. Ballistics gel only offers a repeatable test in soft tissue in order to compare expansion rates, penetration, etc.
And the example you listed is why I am not convinced that HP's are the end all self defense bullet type. I'd much rather have pass-throughs with little to no expansion than any bullet stopping at the sternum, or not being able to pass though the skull, or another bone, while I am aiming at a vital organ.
I don't care that pass-throughs are "wasted energy" I'd rather have that energy "wasted," than all dumped at once, where it can't even make it through the sternum. Now, if we were talking a high powered rifle, with enough energy to cause hydrostatic shot that will destroy organs, well that's a different story than measly pistol rounds. In that case, having all that energy dumped quickly could be beneficial.
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