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Originally posted by engineglue:

Accurately placed expansion bullets plus good penetration without over penetration would be ideal. I'm sure that's obvious but a difficult balance.
This has been the desire of bullet makers and handgun shooters since the advent of jacketed bullets. Problem is, that it is impossible to manufacture a bullet that will do all of that in every scenario, regardless of shot placement, body type, clothing worn and the firearm it is shot from. Regardless of what bullet one uses, there will always be some kind of compromise.

When it comes to SD/HD, accuracy and reliability trumps penetration and expansion everytime. Most times the size of the hole in the BGs heart/brain will have little to do with how fast he dies. How does a hole made by a .45 FMJ in a person's lung any different than one made by a nicely expanding 9mm? Expecting a expanding bullet to compensate for a near miss to a vital organ is foolishness. That's not what they're about. Over-penetration is more a factor of caliber than bullet type, and missing the target all together means one has a better chance of harming someone else beside the BG they're shootin' at.
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