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Best levers?

My dream is a bit ruined now, instead of getting one a year I can't now. A deal with a contract fell through, so no extra money like I had planned. I still plan to buy a nice lever action, it's just going to take longer to get the money. I was looking at a Winchester 1895 in 7.62x54, .303, .405, or .30-40 Krag. Probably a Musket in 7.62x54 because they seem to be the cheapest. I know Browning released their own version in the '80s but its made in Japan. So is Winchester's current offering of the 1895. I'd prefer an American gun, but at the same time Uberti's copy of the 1873 looks nice. I had considered something from Marlin but I've read many bad reviews of their latest guns. Henry's seem decent priced for what you get, but it's not a real Henry. Nothing like the original, more or less seems like someone using the Henry name for money. From what I understand that are pretty much copies of Marlins. So it's seems like I'm stuck with an ultra expensive antique, a Russian 1895 is still crazy expensive. Or I'm stuck with a foreign reproduction that's of high quality or a questionable modern American gun that's cheaper. I'm just trying to decide, too many options.
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