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Ooookay. Velocity is the only factor mentioned as to "power level" . Not that any of the following is the be all and end all , but bullet wt , and dia/ sectional density would flesh out a more complete model.

What is "excellent expansion" , "overpenetration" , and "underpenetration" ? I have my views , but knowledegable individuals have been hotly debating all those , and a lot more since at least the era that Lee Jaruas sold the first commercially succuesful line of reliably expanding ammo..

(FWIW I am of the thought that there are more than one aproach to ammo design that works well in the real world , and results are more important than theoretical checklist .)

Give any of the stated reasoning , I'm scratching my head how the leap was made that the prefered 9mm ammo was 124fmj @ a mild vel ?

As controversial as 9mm ammo choices remain to this day , it would be a safe prediction that there would be a strong concensus than any of the top 10 selling major brand 124-127 jhp loads would be much better choice than fmj.
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