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Weight - Energy Ratio Chart

I've started putting together a comparison chart which shows the weight-energy ratio between various rounds and a 22lr. I did it this way because the amount of force inflicted on tissue is related to the weight and energy of the bullet, not just energy. I've also included the test barrel size so you can compare the cartridges to pistols you may own.

It's interesting to see that some 45 acp rounds are more powerful than some 10mm rounds. It's also unfortunate to see how low in power the 22 wmr is and the 500 s&w is insane!

For reference, you can see that the Blazer 115G 9mm fired from a 4" barrel is about 10 times as destructive than a CCI Mini Mag 22lr fired from a Ruger SR22.

Let me know if you want to add more cartridge brands and/or models.
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