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Granted a double tap ain't a 'machineguning' but same outcome and for the same reason.
The situation dictates the need. Nothing is written in stone. Generally though, doctrine has been a double tap for a long time now, regardless the caliber, and unless you do practice different scenarios on a regular basis, youre likely to default to what you do "all the time" in practice.

It certainly isn't acceptable in the civilian defense world so its really not at all relevant to this discussion.
I understand we've wandered here a little, so Ill leave it at this. I dont understand how anything you do to win the fight, is considered unacceptable, or irrelivent. If they warrant being shot once, or twice, they warrant being shot to slide lock, "if" thats what it takes to get them to the ground.

The problem here with the handgun caliber wars is, they all suck, most people dont practice even remotely realistically, and they also seem to think their caliber of choice, especially the supposed more "powerful" calibers, will drop an elephant with one shot, no matter where you hit them, so why could they possibly need more than one or two?

I dont care what caliber you use, if you shoot them, and they arent going down, you keep moving and keep shooting them, in any order you deem necessary, driven by the situation.
"If the rule you followed brought you to this,
of what use was the rule?"

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