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I have to think the shotgun style butt wouldn't have done to me what the steel crescent did. It's like getting bucked off a get "gun shy" of trying it again. I debated taking it out one more time but after looking at these bruises that I have now, almost two weeks now, traveled down my arm to within two inches of my wrist and around the back of my forearm the more I want to swap that barrel. No sense in getting beat up like that. Shooting's suppose to be fun, not painful.

The rifle weighs 11 pounds 8 oz which is about as heavy as I care to lug around. I even bought a Lead Sled Plus in hopes of taming the recoil but after it arrived and I put it together I looked at it and thought how dumb to have to use such a device to go the range. I may never use it. I bought two 25 lb bags of shot to go in the tray as they recommended so between those and the weight of the Sled you're talking 65 pounds to put on the bench in conjunction with the rifle. I also bought a LimbSaver and while it fits my Browning 45-70 perfect, it wont fit the curved butt plate of the Sharps very well.

i bought and received yesterday several pounds of Swiss 1 1/2 to try but think I'll just use it in the 45-70 and the 40-70SS when I go with the rebarrel. I hate doing that and feel disappointed in having to do so but I see little alternative. I doubt it will make me look like a truck hit me like the 45-90 has. They told me I could keep the 45-90 barrel to just let them know. Shiloh recommended the 30-40 Krag brass for the 40-70SS.
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