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The OP isn't overthinking per se , thinking is usually a good thing. The problem is over generalizing . If I am thinking about a particular design feature in the abstract, I'll often have an abstract opinion, but it's rare to have all my abstracts come together in one package, and they often seem to be contradictory.

A cpl of my baselines : DA/ SA transitions are manageable in decent guns.
I carry Glocks only in proper holsters, and am confident they won't go bang w/o trigger being pulled.
I have extensive background w/ DA revolvers. Almost always fired DA.

But the real answer is that there can be no answer on *catagories* of guns. Specific guns must be evaluated. It's seemingly obvious , but each specific gun must fit YOUR hand.

The important thing about the trigger pull of a specific gun , is that it doesn't suck. I shot examples of every type (ok, not squeeze cocker yet ) , all types had some examples that were plenty good enough, all types had some examples that were totally unacceptable.
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