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I don't think the action type is any issue if you are target shooting or even "range practicing" (though I would practice with what I was going to carry)

The big difference is the safety aspect. I work with a guy who was a Deputy and like a lot of departments their had a case of a NG with a glock. In this case it was glock Butt.

While I would not mind a safety ala a 1911 on my DA/SA, I am fine with the revolver like system.

HK does offer that type safety if you want an added layer. Sig does not and I am ok with that but would prefer it.

Not only is the DA/SA far safer the the strikers (not fully safe, nothing is) it also offer levels of operation. I prefer accurate shooting and being able to put the DA/SA into SA mode by cocking the hammer is what I prefer to do time and how concerned I am. I shot my revolver the same way. It suite me, the way I think and act. If the situation is a bit awkward and I want maximum safety vs quicker response I can and do leave it in DA. If I have to shoot them I am automatically into the best accuracy state with the gun (and can easily de-cock and take it out of that mode it if I need to)

As for glock not being responsible for strikers thats ludicrous. They did indeed bring it into the mainstream the same as they did with the poly frame. While stirkers were out there before, they were a fringe alternative, not the mainstream.

The poly frame was fine, the striker not so much. No matter what the PR spin, a system that was deigned for military use is not a good one for civilian use as has been proved over and over again.
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