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Apples and...

Well I could have included the HD shotgun I just built that groups 9 balls in 7" @ 12yds...
Seriously, I just find it foreign after all those years chasing the one hole 30 yd group with the Airguns and now I rave about much larger groups with my revolvers! Far as one hole revolver groups go, I am sure it's my poor shooting that prevents them. I a happy with the preformance of most of my revolvers and quite amazed at a particular '58 Remington @ 7 yards! It is a true cloverleafer!
Getting used to larger groups from my revolvers is just a little different my little Chief's Special being the hardest revolver to shoot as I have the hammer "bobbed" and shoot it D/A exclusivelly. it is all enjoyment of the shooting sport as is those aforementioned shotgun patterns. Ijust thought i'd discuss the point.
Thanks for the comebacks!
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