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NB...This is OK if pressure was safe(what condition was primer...was extraction easy?) in a modern .357(reviolver ? you don't say in your post) in good condition.

The profile/type and diameter of the bullet, seating deapth(was the W/C flush by any chance... or depressed!!!?) and a heavy crimp also will affect velocity and pressure.

Your mate's Chrono could need re-calibrating maybe? Was it far enough away from the muzzle?

Check OAL and chamber/cylinder dimensions and also barrel fouling and THEN use 3.8gn and work up....!

Recoil and blast should have quite a sting in it at 1,200+ FPS -did it? Get a buddy who knows the round to check yours out by trying a shot or two.

Pressure is the (KaBoom) "killer" - not velocity.

Tabulate all your data as you go - of course.

My 5C worth. Let us know how you go.....
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