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tyme, if I can respectfully go down the line of conversation you've opened (sorry Mr. Servo!), what makes you think it is unconstitutional? I am quite curious to hear.

I realize that may sound sarcastic but I really am interested in hearing your opinion.

Anyways, I think it's very easy to see how DEA and many other police organizations are becoming paramilitary. This does not mean that they abide by the same rules, but with their armored cars, automatic weapons, sniper rifles, breaching tactics, confiscation, raiding, lockdowns, patrols (i.e. Boston), I think the argument could be made.

However, is having military qualities enough to establish a military? Does it need to be a standing militia? Are the police expected to help take up a fight if there is a war? On American soil? Off? Are they subject to martial law?

If not, are they overstepping their boundaries by acting like the military without operating under the same constraints?

I think these questions will help clarify the initial question.
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