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So far I've spent this much in the last month to get started, rounded:

$1850 to fully load up a Dillon 650 for 9mm and .223 (I bought every accessory imaginable, including the Auto primer)

$500 reloading bench

$300 on Dardas Cast bullets

$2000 on various powders, in bulk (I found a great deal)

$2500 in bulk bullets for .223 and 9mm (I found a great deal)

$1000 for reloading necessities like a scale, bullet puller, OAL measuring device, tumbler, etc.

As I was looking through my receipts, I was wondering how a Dillon 650 cost $1850, especially when considering the 650 itself is only about $566.

Here is the breakdown:

$566 for the Dillon 650

$127 for .223 dies

$64 for 9mm dies

$78 for 9mm conversion kit (press came in .223)

$120 for three case feed plates

$110 for quick change kit

$70 for powder check

$40 bullet tray

$220 case feeder

$315 Auto Primer filler

$50 change kit for primer filler (from small to large primers, as it came in small)

$45 handle for press

$45 strong mount
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