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".221 was not much as a rifle round but as an SMG round...."

I don't think Remington ever chambered a rifle in .221. Fireball. Maybe in that limited edition classic series. if they did, I didn't notice as I wasnt interested in those limited edition guns. However, where the .221 interested me was it could have been an easier to work with load in rifles to replace the .22 Hornet. Gun writer Jon Sundra once built a rifle in .221 and tried to promote it as the Hornet's replacement. What he said back then made a lot of sense. I would like to get one of the XP's but never have found one at a price I could live with. The only single shot handgun I own is a T/C Contender in 30-30 with a 4X Leupold handgun scope. I've shot it some but it's mainly used as a demo piece in my Hunter Ed classes. One of the reasons I'm looking for an ZP100. Even with a good rest I can't seem to hold that scope steady enough. Just me, not the gun.
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