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One more round or so in the "burst", isnt big deal if you have enough on board ammo, even with multiple opponents. If your carrying a five shot or single stack, it doesnt work so well.

You use it appropriately if you have to deal with more than one active opponent, its just one of those things you have to decide as you go. Nothing is written in stone.

If you practice shooting in bursts, good, accurate hits are a non issue, even when moving. Of course, like anything else, its the practice that makes the shooter.

Now I understand if youre using an caliber that is harder to shoot quickly with, shooting well quickly can be more of an issue. You can only shoot as fast as you can shoot well, else it does become "spray and pray".

Having shot a considerable amount of the major calibers over the years, I know I put more rounds on target faster with my 9mm's, than I do my .45's, and accuracy is not an issue. I can also do it longer before I have to reload too. A good hit with any of them, is a good hit. Then again, there really is no such thing as a "bad hit" as long as its not you getting hit.

Knowing that most targets dont stand still, nor does the shooter, and realizing that those "perfect" groups arent always going to happen like they do on the static range, more rounds on target quickly help to increase the odds in your favor.

That combination of more, lighter recoiling rounds, gives you more options, and more options is a good thing. I havent regretted in the least, leaving the .45's and a couple of others, in the safe. As an added bonus, the reduced cost of reloading for the 9mm, has increased the amount of shooting I do weekly.

As far as Cooper goes, while hes one of the ones who got things going, things move on and progress. He always had his prejudices, and many "followers" seemed to absorb them, and still cling to them. Some former fans, including some former Gunsite instructors, have continued on to grow and learn, where I think Cooper started to stagnate.

Times change, techniques and equipment change, and some of us embrace that. Some of us dont. Hey, do what works for you.
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