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I can not remember a single burglary, scrap metal theft, or shoplifter in my 17 years in LE that was not to buy drugs. I have arrested a heroin addict that was doing 6-10 burglaries a day. Every day, he got up and went stealing to buy heroin. Thats it. I had one that I investigated where he stole the jewelry box of an 80+ year old man. Took what he thought was worth money and chucked the rest in a dumpster. That jewelery box cam from India. The victim brought it back from WW2 and had it for 60 years, until a heroin addict stole it, and then tossed it in the trash. That is one arrest out of many.

Making drugs legal is not the answer.
Most popular drugs are very cheap to produce the high cost is because they are contraband. Would someone be doing doing 6-10 burglaries a day to support a $18 a day alcohol habit? No. A $10 a day legal drug habit ? No they would be next to the winos getting high under a bridge.

yeah it is a waste of life but at least it is only theirs and they would not be robbing innocent citizens to support the contraband business.
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