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I can not remember a single burglary, scrap metal theft, or shoplifter in my 17 years in LE that was not to buy drugs. I have arrested a heroin addict that was doing 6-10 burglaries a day. Every day, he got up and went stealing to buy heroin. Thats it. I had one that I investigated where he stole the jewelry box of an 80+ year old man. Took what he thought was worth money and chucked the rest in a dumpster. That jewelery box cam from India. The victim brought it back from WW2 and had it for 60 years, until a heroin addict stole it, and then tossed it in the trash. That is one arrest out of many.

Making drugs legal is not the answer.
How a person lives their life is their problem

How the government wastes my money is my problem
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