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Having lived in California for 5 years, the Marijuana, Coke, LSD, and Ecstacy/MDMA trade is practically a joke. While Mary J might be partially legal, the other three are far from it. Legalizing all 3 would not effect their consumption at all, it would only lower prices and get the financial leverage off illegal drug cartels.

For anyone that is older and doesn't believe me, go to an electric music carnival. 90% of the people there are on Acid or Coke or Ecstacy, or a combination. That's not even including pot or alcohol. Mind you the one I went to (I was the designated driver, I have a severe dislike for real drugs like this) had over 100,000 people. EDC in Las Vegas brought 4-5 times as many people. These concerts get these numbers all over the country.

I want you all to realize how much Ecstacy/Pot/Acid is being consumed, just on special bi-annual events. Millions of pills at each show.

One of my best friends is an associate at PWC and another at NY Life. They are in the minority of those who don't do coke on a regular basis.

Anyone who thinks the War on Drugs is anything more than a moneypit sham is going to extensive lengths to remain delusional. I'm sorry if I sound terse and confrontational, but it is literally the least effective enforcement of law in the country.

"If you look at the drug war from a purely economic point of view, the role of the government is to protect the drug cartel. That's literally true."-Milton Friedman
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