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To put some spin on MGTony's perspective, I can go to China (and several other countries closer to home) and shoot MG's at a very minimal cost, and in a few foreign lands can own (usually with connections) for significantly less than than the price of one here. (while living in the Middle East, we could have legally acquired Full auto AK's for a few $100's each)

Since I don't see using an MG for hunting or home defense, and only get that itch infrequently, liking to travel and taking a vacation where we can also 'go blasting' has a distinct appeal.

The MG market is seriously unlike other domestic markets: A slight change in public policy could swing prices by a factor of 10, up or down. A major policy change in housing, transit et al, MIGHT swing a market 10-20%. I think you could make case that long term it's more a gamble than investment.
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