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You will never solve the "problem" completely, until you can change the fact that people like to get "high". And that's not going to happen anytime soon, if ever.
And those folks do that because their reality is, in their minds, too painful to deal with on a daily basis.

Too many are too concerned with what they DONT have and that leads to a lot of societal ills, envy, grudges, depression, etc., all feeding the drug abuse issue'.

Might as well tax it, regulate it, ala Nevada and prostitution, and use the police resources for better things. As to the title of the thread, the police where I live have been a paramilitary force for some time, including having APC's, breaching teams, SWAT, etc.

Maybe if they spent more time back walking beats, talking to the locals and getting to know them better, instead of waiting for something to go bonkers and then react like a SEAL team, they would have a better image, folks might get along better, and some of the crime issues might lessen
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