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Legalize drugs and it would fade over night.
Its been years since I have debated this particular notion, but my opinion hasn't changed. In fairness, the explanation given to me by a dear friend who believes that fairytale, is that addicts commit crimes solely out of anxiety of getting their next fix. And her solution was not just to legalize the drugs but also to allow government to provide limited amounts of drugs. Thus taking away the 'need' for an addict to commit crimes in order to procure money for buying those drugs.

I don't know if she pulled that concept out of thin air, or had knowledge of such a system working in other countries, but I am convinced it would not work in American society.

Citizens of this country are enthralled with taking everything to the extreme. Doesn't matter if its a hobby or a sport or just entertainment, we want to see the biggest, the baddest, the fattest, the fastest, the super ultra mostest extreme of anything and everything.

That same mentality also applies to drug addicts.
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