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I respectfully disagree. The tons, literally tons, of illegal drugs confiscated by law enforcement yearly, would suddenly become available on the streets if the “War on drugs” came to a sudden halt. Those tons of drugs would escalate the overdose problems, family problems, societal problems common with drug abuse.
Even law enforcement and the DEA admits they only seize a small portion of drugs on the street. Drugs are ready available to those who seek them.

To think that the drug war is holding back a massive tsunami of drug abuse is false and outdated as "reefer madness".

The answer? Unfortunately, I don’t have one, short of executing drug dealers / users on the spot, I’m of little help.
Many Muslim countries do this and still have massive drug abuse rates.

Many people in the day of alcohol prohibition wanted to do this with alcohol users. As we see today many productive members of society use alcohol in a safe manner, their is a difference between use and abuse.
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