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The "war on drugs" certainly has had little impact on drug use anyway either…
I respectfully disagree. The tons, literally tons, of illegal drugs confiscated by law enforcement yearly, would suddenly become available on the streets if the “War on drugs” came to a sudden halt. Those tons of drugs would escalate the overdose problems, family problems, societal problems common with drug abuse. There are those that say crime would drop if the “War on drugs” ended. I disagree. Okay, it would no longer be a crime to posses, transport, sell or use drugs. But, motor vehicle deaths, overdosing, family problems (domestic abuse) and societal problems (stoned people roaming the streets) would increase enough to make up for the once illegal act of position, sales and transportation.

Being in EMS, I have seen drug related problems that would make a normal person cringe with fear. Stop the “War on drugs” and those drug related problems would multiply out of control. Money saved by stopping the “War on drugs” would have to be spent on EMS and Hospitals. Also the morgue and funeral homes, but that part doesn’t bother me so much as it’s Darwin’s way of thinning the heard.

The answer? Unfortunately, I don’t have one, short of executing drug dealers / users on the spot, I’m of little help.
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