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Waited till it was cool this AM & dropped a few. Since the molds are aluminum, I got perfect bullets on the first drop. I can't see the split line. Their sprue cutter works better than any other mold I have used.

When I first started casting many years ago, I used RCBS & Lyman steel molds.
One day I needed a mold of a certain weight mold & Lyman was sold out. It was at that time someone told me about Lee Aluminum molds (AL). When I first used the AL mold, I was surprised it warmed up so fast, no rust, no grease & store, they are lighter. Not to mention for the price of one double cavity steel mold, I can buy 4 Lee double cavity AL molds and they come with handles. No handles to swap around
I sold & traded all my FE molds and use AL exclusively now. Also the price of my custom mold was very close to the price of a FE mold.

Thanks for the recommendation
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