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Perhaps you should read Century's warranty before you come onto this site and begin accusing other folks of lying.

I suggest you read the warranty information Century has posted online:

The warranty states:

"All firearms/receivers sold as “new”, or manufactured/assembled by Century have (1) year repair/
replacement warranty from the day the firearm/receiver was shipped from Century’s warehouse to the
customer, unless noted otherwise."

Stop playing victim, nobody called anybody a "liar". However, the tidbit below is what you were called on:

"quote: Fishbed77

If you can deal with canted sights that don't allow enough adjustment to zero the rifle, or a poorly opened magwell that prevents proper feeding, more power to you (or you have very low standards of what to expect out of an AK). I assume most would find this frustrating, and Century's poor 1-year warranty (which starts from date of manufacture) is not comforting."

And now you walk in here trying to throw your weight around enough to cover up the changing of your story to "date of shipping".

So get your story of manufacture or date of shipment?

and I'M the newb?
(yes, saw your edit via the email LOL!)

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