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Regardless of who paid to have that gun spotlighted [on TV that kind of exposure costs, you cannot debate that], they (the Robertsons) are turning it all into a mountain of cash.

While I enjoy the show, I find it entertaining, I even relate to some of the antics as we did stuff like that when we were kids, I refuse to rush down to Walmart, or Giant Eagle (grocery store) and buy one of their books for $30.00.

Nor am I going to rush right out and buy a Mossberg just because it has their name on it.

I read the show has changed the duck call orders from 60,000 a yr to 600,000 a yr, lots being bought by folks who don't even hunt.

They are smart for figuring out how to collect people's money. People are dumb for giving it to them by the wheelbarrow full. The only reason to purchase one of their products is because it works as advertised, not because it is "signed".
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