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I have an LCP and it is a good little pistol. It is reliable and unlike so many who complain about the recoil, I find it surprisingly comfortable to shoot considering the size. It is more accurate than you'd expect with the terrible sights, but it takes quite a bit of getting used to.

My only complaint (other than the weak caliber) is the sights are terrible. In a low light SD situation I would want a lot more. I almost never carry this gun, though since I don't live in a carry state I am only a part-time CCWer (the couple times a month I'm in VA, WV or PA). If I lived in a shall-issue state and carried everyday, the light weight and ease of concealment might win out and it may get a lot more use, but as it stands now I go for slightly larger and heavier guns with better sights and more substantial defensive calibers (primarily my SIG P290RS, but also a S&W 442, Taurus 85, and sometimes others). You know the sights are bad when snubby sights are better.

If I was to do it again, I'd either spend a little extra to get the LCP with laser sights (I can add them now after the fact, but the package Ruger sells with the LCP and laser sights is cheaper than adding them later), or I'd go with the Taurus TCP.
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