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I'd be much more concerned with the legalities than about scaring a deer with the sound of gunfire. Deer quickly forget the sound of a gun and over the years I have had deer come out in the field by my range while I was shooting at targets or have had another deer come down the trail before I could get down from the tree after shooting one. The movement from taking the shot or retrieving the game would also for me, be more of a consideration than the shot itself. Same goes for Turkeys. Don't know how many times I have had a tom come in after shooting one that came in quicker.....or after shooting a coyote hunting the sounds of my hen calls. While I used to refrain years ago from takin' 'yotes that came in while working a bird in the distance, I know now that I just passed up a lot of legitimate opportunities for nuttin'. Besides, anymore, I generally have more opportunities to take a tom than yotes.
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