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FN 49

Had an Austrian FN 49, in, believe it or not, 30-06. Found it accurate, and dependable, as well as really easy to disassemble and clean. Did have a fire control, where I could choose single fire (1 shot at a time, hand fed into the rifle), like a single shot, standard semi auto, and 2/1- two shots for each activation of the trigger. As with most all military weapons, they just seem to function better using milsurp ammo. That is what they were designed to shoot, and if the rifle is in any kind of shape, you should have a great shooter. There is still a lot of milsurp ammo out there, at a reasonable price, but look for the non-corrosive stuff. You may pay a little more, but the smokeless non corrosive will pay for itself, at cleaning time, trust me. Enjoy the FN, you will find the recoil is quite mild, due to the stock design, which will aid your accuracy.
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