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Is this lack of QC rampant?
How rampant, on a scale is it 7/10? 9/10?
I never said it was rampant. I said it can be frustrating when it happens.

Dude, again ***?...please stop with your misinformation.
Warranty on Century firearms starts w/date of purchase, and I don't mean on the docks in Cugir.
Sturmgewehr's excellent series of videos details his experience with Century's warranty. He is a stand-up guy who's well-respected on this forum and others, and I have no reason to doubt his experiences.

Yeah, one can tell
As I have stated numerous times already in this thread, a good WASR is a good AK. I have no objections to owning one, provided the price is right and I have the opportunity to inspect the rifle prior to purchase.
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